Investigation and analysis of welding material industry demand

(1) Consumption characteristics of industrial products

Welding industry is a key industry encouraged and supported by national policies. The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" for the Development of Basic Manufacturing Processes and Basic Materials of Mechanical Foundations drafted and compiled by China Welding Association has included "new welding materials, high-strength and high-toughness welding materials, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, radiation-resistant, wear-resistant and low-temperature resistant welding materials, non-toxic green brazing materials and fluxes" as the development priorities. Welding materials are widely used in a wide range of fields and have a relatively broad market development space, covering almost the vast majority of the manufacturing industry.

Traditional welding material field

The production and sales of welding products in China has leapt to the first place in the world, which is mainly due to the rapid development of China's economy. At present, most of the welding materials produced and sold in China are traditional welding materials, and the profit added value of such products is relatively low, which has a certain gap with developed countries, but as far as China is at the stage of development, Traditional welding materials will also occupy a large proportion of China's welding products for a long time. Therefore, Liaoning Province will still take the traditional welding materials as the basis for the development of the industry and serve the basic industrial construction in the Northeast and even the whole country. Focus on the development of traditional welding materials, including structural steel electrode (E4303 series), low alloy steel electrode (E5015 series), stainless steel electrode, cast iron electrode, etc; Solid core welding wire includes tungsten argon arc welding wire (ER50, ER56 series), CO2 gas shielded welding wire (ER50, ER56 series), submerged arc welding wire (H08Mn series), etc.

The field of new welding materials

At present, although the consumption of welding consumables in China is large, the proportion of various welding consumables is not very reasonable. The output and proportion of welding electrodes are still the largest. This is in sharp contrast with the proportion of welding consumables consumption in developed countries. The proportion of welding wire consumption in industrial developed countries is relatively large. For example, the use of welding wire in the United States is about 40-50%, the use of welding wire in Europe is about 30-40%, and the use of welding wire in Japan is about 40-45%. This shows that there is still much room for development and improvement in the field of welding materials in China. Focus on the development of high-performance welding rods, including welding rods for nuclear power engineering that meet the requirements of nuclear performance, mechanical performance, chemical performance, physical performance, irradiation performance, process performance, etc., welding rods for ultra-critical pressure vessels, ultra-supercritical pressure vessels and hot-wall hydrogenation reactors for ultra-critical pressure vessels and pipelines, and welding rods for marine engineering and ships used for deep-sea platforms and large-tonnage ships, which have high temperature resistance and creep resistance Aerospace welding rods with fatigue resistance, oxidation resistance and high strength, and high-performance stainless steel welding rods with good corrosion resistance, thermal stability and good toughness; Solid gas-shielded welding wire includes high-strength gas-shielded solid wire, gas-shielded solid wire for high energy welding, gas-shielded solid wire for new heat-resistant steel (applied to supercritical and ultra-supercritical (USC) units), gas-shielded solid wire for weathering steel (applied to railway rolling stock), stainless steel gas-shielded solid wire (austenitic stainless steel, duplex stainless steel), and high-strength submerged arc welding wire, Non-ferrous metal welding wire (including aluminum welding wire for high-speed railway and aerospace). Surface modification and renewable manufacturing materials, including spraying or surfacing materials used in aviation, aerospace, machinery, power electronics, transportation, petrochemical, light industry, textile and other fields, such as iron-based alloys, nickel-based alloys, cobalt-based alloys, copper-based alloys and other special materials.

High-end welding materials

The development of high-end welding materials should pay equal attention to the development of its corresponding welding equipment. Focus on the development of flux-cored wire, including flux-cored wire for marine engineering equipment, flux-cored wire for nuclear power engineering, stainless steel flux-cored wire, metal powder flux-cored wire, gas-electric vertical flux-cored wire, wear-resistant flux-cored wire, and surfacing flux-cored wire. Compared with stainless steel electrode, stainless steel flux-cored wire has the advantages of high welding efficiency, wide adaptability and low comprehensive cost. More than 50% of stainless steel welding workload in Europe and Japan has adopted stainless steel flux-cored wire. The main production enterprises include Manchester, France, Lincoln and Miller of the United States, Issa of Sweden, Kobelco of Japan, Hyundai and Koryo of Korea, and domestic enterprises include Sichuan Atlantic, Tianjin Bridge, Tianjin Jinqiao, Liaoning Jintai, Kunshan Tiantai, Kunshan Jingqun, Beijing Tianyi Welding, Beijing Jinsun, Shijiazhuang Ruida Welding Co., Ltd. High-efficiency special welding machine: widely used in engineering machinery, automobile, locomotive, household appliances, electric power and other industries. Such equipment has high production efficiency, can significantly reduce production costs and improve production efficiency. The main production enterprises include: Tangshan Kaiyuan, Welding Research Technology, Welding Research Weida, CEC Huaqiang, Kunshan Huaheng, Guangzhou Songxing Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Youtian Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. and other enterprises.

The above content is excerpted from the Report on the Market Operation Situation and Investment Prospects of China's Welding Materials Industry published by China Industry Insight. This report comprehensively analyzes the current situation and development trend of the welding materials industry. The main contents include the scale of the welding material industry, the production and sales volume of the welding material industry, and the sales revenue of the welding material industry; Timely capture accurate market/enterprise data, as well as comprehensive analysis of the competitive enterprises in the welding material industry, including the main products, sales volume, sales volume, sales channels, consumer purchase behavior, etc. of the competitive enterprises; So that you can fully understand the financial, product, technology and development direction of competitors. The Report on the Market Operation Situation and Investment Prospect of China's Welding Materials Industry has made an in-depth analysis of the development trend of the welding materials industry, mainly including the prediction of the industry scale, technology trend and competition pattern of the welding materials industry in the next five years. In the Report on the Market Operation Situation and Investment Prospects of China's Welding Materials Industry, we also made a detailed analysis of the main factors affecting the development of the welding materials industry, including the impact of the policies and regulations of the welding materials industry, the impact of overcapacity in the welding materials industry, the impact of technological updates in the welding materials industry, the impact of the branding trend of the welding materials industry The impact of the development of the Internet on the welding material industry.